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What flavour would you want next?


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I’d like to see a gramcracker flavor or a smores flavor. Also a umami flavor.

Last week, when I had my first Twennybar, I instantly thought that the texture were similar to gingerbread dough (at least the pre-made kind you buy at the store). I would really like to see that as the next Twennybar flavor, especially since I read that the Speculaas flavor was so appreciated (I so want to try that one out btw) and this is a bit similar in concept.

Other than that I really like the thought of jimmyjoy-plennyshake flavors tomato/gazpacho, miso soup and green apple that have been suggested in this thread.

Hm, I’m totally for new flavours but does that mean old ones will be gone? I just wanted to order new Twennybars and couldn’t find banana flavour or any post or news about that? Has banana been removed silently? I liked vanilla but chocolate and banana were my favourites.
JimmyJoy is usually pretty communicative when it comes to changes in their product but I don’t see anything about removing flavours. Anyone know the reason for that?


I would really like to have some soup flavour (beans, peas, mushrooms) or peanuts! :slight_smile:

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Let me think… new flavour… what about bringing Banana TwennyBar back?
I don’t know why you discontinued it, at least I think we deserve an explanation as customers, this is our food we’re talking about. You can’t remove an option just like that ¬_¬


Unfortunately we experienced some setback which is one of the reasons why the banana Twennybar is now out of stock. We’re going to evaluate try to improve the formula and bring it back!

I would love something like Pina Colada: coconut + pineapple.

Chai! Peanut! Pesto! :slight_smile:

  • CURRY! Preferably Japanese, though Indian would be tasty too

  • Matcha

  • Peanut butter

  • PB and Chocolate

  • Fried plantain

  • Chocolate chip Cookie dough

  • Pineapple

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PB2 (or some other brand of defatted peanut butter powder) would change the nutrient profile less, and wouldn’t require a blender.

Hazelnut/Nutella ish Flavour
Pina Colada /Pineapple could be good
I am on board with the Apple/Apple Pie Flavour

I think something like Lemon/Orange could be good.

And I second Gingerbread /Ginger as a Taste ^^

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I would like to see Peach and Mango flavour in the future.

You seriously need to make raspberry flavour! Perhaps with a combination of blueberry or two seperate flavours of those that one can have the option of drinking seperately or combining them 50/50. That would taste sooooo good!


I have been drinking a serving of the coffee plenny shake each morning, and I didn’t really like the flavor. Unfortunately I bought 5 bags.

But today, I added this:

Vanilla splenda flavoring drops

It was amazing!

Cookie Dough or Cheese Cake :slight_smile: Or Cherry! Or Caramel!


Great suggestions Quirijn!

Blueberry (possibly combined with something) would be nice.

Also a savoury flavour like tomato soup or pea soup is needed. As we just celebrated Walpurgis Night in Northern-Europe then I’m extremely hungover and craving for something salty so I’m going to order some food. If there would be a tomato soup flavoured Plenny shake then I’d drink it right now :smiley: