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What flavour would you want next?


You can have that by mixink hazelnut milk (a mix of fine hazelnut powder + water) or just hazelnut powder with your chocolate jimmyjoy-plennyshake it’s pretty great


I am going to suggest for the neutral/salty flavours:

Potato (if you have tried potato bread, you know it would work).
Rice (Rice has a nice neutral flavour and can be turned into the savoury side or the sweet side -look into rice pudding or the mexican fresh water flavour “Horchata”).
Lentil (a little more on the salty side, but it would feel like drinking a nice soup, particularly if prepared with warm water).
Chick Pea (Some humus-like flavor would work quite nice).

Some ideas I got at the moment :slight_smile:


Yeah I normally add pure chocolate powder to have a stronger taste.

It’s easy to add hazelnut powder, but some people don’t want to do that themselves.

That’s why I proposed a nutty flavor as a new flavor.
I bet everyone would like it.


Hello !

I think that coconut is a brilliant idea, so I’m very glad that its a flavour to (hopefully) be launched! Whomever said that watermelon would be a good flavour, I think you’re on the money too! Apple would also be delicious - or maybe apple and ginger? Something citrus-y would be yummy too…have you thought about a fruit salad idea? Almond would be lovely too ! :heart:


Hi @Hollie !

All great ideas, thanks! We currently have a limited edition apple/cinnamon which I think you would love! ( https://www.jimmyjoy.com/products/limited-edition-jimmyjoy-plennyshake-apple-cinnamon ).


I can make a list or something (this being ‘something’), if you want… Or we can roundup just before a poll (or something). :slightly_smiling:

  • a neutral flavor
  • coconut flavor
  • a savory vegetable- / tomato-soup flavor
  • cheesecake


Hmmm I am curious how watermelon would taste and possible a stew flavor, I’ve heard of other companies making a hot version in the form of a soup. (vegetable soup flavor)


:open_mouth: Just thought a speculaas (Spekuloos) flavour with be great!


@DEL1337 OMG yes!! :heart_eyes:


That sounds delicious!


One more vote for tomato or mushroom soup!


Fruits and berries in general would be nice :slight_smile:
I’m just going to chip in with all above:

  • Blueberries!
  • Coconut
  • Green apple
  • Passion fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon

And more food like: Minestrone or vegetable soup, perhaps?



I actually went mad when I saw your old instagram post and decided to suggest it.
But it seems there’s no need to suggest it anymore :3

YEAH! COCONUT!!!:palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:


@durahanpius Argh! I know, right! Coconut has ben aLOT harder than we thought but we’re doing our best to get the recipe just right for all us coconut lovers :slight_smile:


Peanut butter!!! That would be my choice!


@yabeweb, oh my. That would be heaven! Peanut butter is… the love of my life. I can only imagine how awesome a jimmyjoy-plennyshake peanut butter shake would be :wink:


I see the point of all the people who crave for a neutral taste. But - isn’t jimmyjoy-plennyshake made to make eating more convenient? That’s why I would prefer the savory/salty tastes even more compared to the neutral one.
Definitely in for tomato, carrot, salty peanuts, cucumber, pumpkin, apple & coconut (!!!). And what about french fries - or cheeseburger? :wink:


I’d love to have a poppy seed/marzipan combination. Or Tomato.